Thursday, 26 January 2017

what is the effect of smoking on human body

Effect of smoking
As we all know that smoking is the one of the major problem in human beings. Due to smoking a thousands of peoples die per year. But the main thing is that we are not trying to drot it but trying to use it at a large range. The smoking effects the following parts
Smoking damages our heart and causes many heart problems. Due to smoking the heart doesn't seems to pump well as a result the blood pressure decreases.
Smoking damages our lungs . when the smoke enters into the lungs then the lungs changes their colour and become brownish. This colour is due to the Tar. This Tar causes in the lung cancer.

Smoking also damages our stomach as a result our digesting system may not work properly and also many stomach problems may be occur.
4.Smoking causes cancer
The main effect of smoking is the rise of cancer. Due to smoking many of body cancer will be occur. Such as throat cancer,lung cancer,blood cancer etc.
To overcome the cancer diseases increase your blood pressure at an  entire range then the cancer may not appear.

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