Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Know the importance of these four alphabets in our life


  • In our daily life this word "SWOT" is most useful to us. This word plays an incredible role in our student life,in our strugle life and also in our in our settled life.
  • The first letter stands for "STRENGHT",which means what is your strength. You have to find out your strength. You have to know about the fact in which you are strongest. To overcome in any field the strenght must be in order.
  • The second letter stands for "WEAKNESS",means what is your weakness,what is your mean of nurvousnes. You have to know how to overcome of your weakness. To
  • The last letter stands for "THREAT",means what is your negative point, cause of unsuccess. You have to overcome of your threat. You have to be confident while you're pursuing in any event. If you overcome 

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