Monday, 26 December 2016

Electro Refining Of Metals

  • It is a proces of ectracting metal from an impure metal by elecrolysis. In this process there are two↧↧ parts first one is anode and the other is cathode. The cathode is made up of pure metal and the anode is made up of impire metal. The anode and cathode is connected with a supply voltage. The whole process takes place in a single vessel . 

  • For example: 

  1. Elecro Refining Of Copper  


In this process the pure copper is at the cathode side as a thin sheet and the impure copper is at the anode. These two rods are dipped in a solution of elecrolyte of CuSO4. The impurities falls on the base of the vessel as anode mud 

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