Thursday, 26 January 2017

what is the effect of smoking on human body

Effect of smoking
As we all know that smoking is the one of the major problem in human beings. Due to smoking a thousands of peoples die per year. But the main thing is that we are not trying to drot it but trying to use it at a large range. The smoking effects the following parts
Smoking damages our heart and causes many heart problems. Due to smoking the heart doesn't seems to pump well as a result the blood pressure decreases.
Smoking damages our lungs . when the smoke enters into the lungs then the lungs changes their colour and become brownish. This colour is due to the Tar. This Tar causes in the lung cancer.

Smoking also damages our stomach as a result our digesting system may not work properly and also many stomach problems may be occur.
4.Smoking causes cancer
The main effect of smoking is the rise of cancer. Due to smoking many of body cancer will be occur. Such as throat cancer,lung cancer,blood cancer etc.
To overcome the cancer diseases increase your blood pressure at an  entire range then the cancer may not appear.

Monday, 9 January 2017

A secret of moon

Moon is our only natural satelite. Only the astro nods have seen the moon nearly. There are so.many secrets on the surface of moon. These secrets are still unknown for us.
  • We know that moon has no light or shine on the surface of its own,but the american scientists when watch the moon from the universe they have seen a light which is shining over the surface of moon.
  • A scientist of them tells that this light is due to the collision of sun light and dust particles present on the surface of moon.when the sun light collide with dust particle it spreads equally and thus the dust particle raise through a little hight up to 90 cm. Due to this the surface of moon shines.


The scientists are still working on it.
They all are hopping that it will clear soon to us.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Know the importance of these four alphabets in our life


  • In our daily life this word "SWOT" is most useful to us. This word plays an incredible role in our student life,in our strugle life and also in our in our settled life.
  • The first letter stands for "STRENGHT",which means what is your strength. You have to find out your strength. You have to know about the fact in which you are strongest. To overcome in any field the strenght must be in order.
  • The second letter stands for "WEAKNESS",means what is your weakness,what is your mean of nurvousnes. You have to know how to overcome of your weakness. To
  • The last letter stands for "THREAT",means what is your negative point, cause of unsuccess. You have to overcome of your threat. You have to be confident while you're pursuing in any event. If you overcome 

Monday, 26 December 2016

Electro Refining Of Metals

  • It is a proces of ectracting metal from an impure metal by elecrolysis. In this process there are two↧↧ parts first one is anode and the other is cathode. The cathode is made up of pure metal and the anode is made up of impire metal. The anode and cathode is connected with a supply voltage. The whole process takes place in a single vessel . 

  • For example: 

  1. Elecro Refining Of Copper  


In this process the pure copper is at the cathode side as a thin sheet and the impure copper is at the anode. These two rods are dipped in a solution of elecrolyte of CuSO4. The impurities falls on the base of the vessel as anode mud 

Sunday, 25 December 2016

What is Hysteresis Loss ?

What is hysteresis loss?

If the magnetic field applied to a magnetic material is increased and then decreased back to its original value, the magnetic field inside the material does not return to its original value. The internal field 'lags' behind the external field. This behaviour results in a loss of energy, called the hysteresis loss, when a sample is repeatedly magnetized and demagnetized. The materials used in transformer cores and electromagnets are chosen to have a low hysteresis loss. Similar behaviour is seen in some materials when varying electric fields are applied (electric hysteresis). Elastic hysteresis occurs when a varying force repeatedly deforms an elastic material. The deformation produced does not completely disappear when the force is removed, and this results in energy loss on repeated deformations.